Everything In Between

When You Know You Know!

When this epiphany came, it hit me like a ton of bricks! I finally KNEW I was over being INAUTHENTIC! I knew I was over painting pictures that were not true to life. I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt when it was time to shed the mask and BE REAL…to be TRUE TO… Continue reading When You Know You Know!


To Throw Away or a Creative Fix?

I know tons of people that are quick to throw glass items away if they drop them and they get a chip or two in them. I guess I’ve become an expert at restoring broken items! (Ironically, I have a Non-Profit where I do sessions with people to help heal their brokenness). So…the fact that… Continue reading To Throw Away or a Creative Fix?

Everything In Between

Let. Them—Part Two

Most of you have probably read the blog post by Jesse Woltz I posted. If you haven’t read it, please go back and read it. You may not understand some things here, if you don’t. I promised you all Part Two! Jesse’s post on Facebook, “Let Them,” rocked my world as it did many. I… Continue reading Let. Them—Part Two


Are You an “In” the Box or “Out” of the Box Sort of Person?

I have this cute little brown-battery-operated-box that you turn the switch on and then tap, and it immediately starts shaking as if a little man is inside. He taps on the walls of the inside of the box loudly over and over again while shouting, “Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me…can you let me out… Continue reading Are You an “In” the Box or “Out” of the Box Sort of Person?


Conventional or RaDiCal Christianity

Radical or Conventional Christianity—PART ONE When I was waking up one morning, the Spirit of God began to minister to me about Two Types of Christians: The Radical Christian Verses the Conventional Christian. I was lamenting over someone whom I felt was seriously missing the mark “As a Christian.” The Lord began to minister to… Continue reading Conventional or RaDiCal Christianity